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Even with proper diet and exercise, your health may still be at risk if your workstation is not ergonomically correct.  Many employees today spend a large portion of their day at the computer desk, and as such may be putting themselves at risk for such repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) as carpal tunnel syndrome.  These injuries can be prevented, however, with some adjustments to the workstation itself. 

A DynamiX chiropractor can come to your location to present a seminar on ergonomics to the employees that will cover the important issues surrounding proper ergonomic procedure at the workplace.  We also offer employee workstation assessment, where a chiropractor will analyse employee workstations and make specific recommendations on how to make changes to prevent the future development of RSIs and other related problems.  While the chiropractor will make various recommendations, your company will not be encouraged to purchase new furniture.  Instead, we will work with your current setup to ensure that encouraging a safer, more ergonomically correct workplace will not come with a high price tag. 

A DynamiX chiropractor will come to your location to present a seminar on ergonomics. Our chiropractor can also assess employee workstations and make specific recommendations, preventing the future development of RSIs.  Our on-site ergonomic programs may be covered through employee benefits.