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On-site gyms or designated fitness areas are becoming more and more commonplace in companies as awareness about the benefits of workplace wellness grows.  Many times, however, these gyms are only frequented by a small percentage of employees.  For employees who are not used to exercising regularly in a gym setting, exercise machines and equipment can be very intimidating- not to mention dangerous if not used properly!

We believe that the best way to combat this obstacle is through a system of on-site personal training and/or fitness facility management.  If your company has a small company gym or a small area with fitness equipment, we can help to create a non-threatening gym environment where employees can reach their fitness and wellness goals quicker and more effectively, while significantly reducing the risk of injury. Our fitness facility management options include fitness evaluations and medical screenings, customized fitness program design, and instruction for employees on proper use of the equipment.  For ongoing support, we can provide certified fitness professional who will staff the facility a few hours per week to assist the employees in reaching their fitness goals in a safe and efficient manner.