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Wellness fairs are very popular with many corporations and their employees.  By bringing a collection of health and wellness exhibitors together at a corporate location, employees can browse many different topics, speak with knowledgeable health professionals, and learn lots of valuable information about various health and wellness issues.  DynamiX Wellness Fairs help to raise employee awareness and teach employees useful methods for improving health, increasing energy, improving mental focus and clarity and also improving creativity.  This will lead to a reduction in employee absenteeism and an increase in productivity for your company, which will ultimately lead to an increase in company profits.

A sample wellness fair may include: 

  • Chiropractor conducting mini workshops or seminars on ergonomics in the workplace, spinal or gait analysis, etc.
  • Blood pressure screenings
  • Massage Practitioner offering sample massages
  • Stress management seminar
  • Yoga/stretch sessions to reduce stress and improve mental focus and creativity
  • Representatives from a range of health associations such as the Canadian Cancer Society, Heart & Stroke Foundation, and the Canadian Lung Association
  • Alternative health professionals setting up exhibit booths (naturopath, acupuncturist, iridologist, reflexologist, etc.) to educate employees on preventative health care